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: Get Traffic and Index Your Backlinks with RSS Feeds



In case you’re not familiar, RSS stands for Really-Simple-Syndication.  Basically, it is a way for people to share and connect with content very quickly to stay up-to-date with the newest headlines of their favorite blogs and web 2.0 sites.  RSS feeds are a great way for people to stay updated with your site and also share your content.  We often get very concentrated on getting a lot of traffic ONCE – RSS feeds help you get returning visitors which is the key to big numbers in your site stats and bank account.  I’m sure you probably already have an RSS feed, but you may not know what to do with it.  Here’s a few ways you can use your RSS feed and RSS feeds in general to get more traffic and backlinks.


You may have heard about getting backlinks from RSS feeds, these links come from RSS aggregators and directories.  You submit your blog or RSS feed and it is published with its own page there, producing a link to your site.  The only problem with these links is that they are pretty weak.  You won’t rank well simply with RSS backlinks.  However, they are still good for getting traffic, and recurring traffic at that.  Submitting to RSS directories is easy and it’s worthwhile to put your blog in all the blog directories you can.  However, for SEO purposes, the biggest strength perhaps in RSS is its use for indexing backlinks.  RSS feeds in aggregators and directories get crawled very well.  You can tap into this crawling action by getting your backlinks into RSS feeds.  Here’s how you do it:


1)      Gather up a list of 20-30 backlinks (can be more, but these numbers are for best effects).


2)      Go to  At this site, you can create an RSS feed even for sites that don’t already have one.  More importantly, you can create an RSS feed entirely out of URLs of any sort.


3)      Create an RSS feed with your backlinks


4)      Submit your RSS feed to the directories/aggregators


Your RSS feed will get crawled and with it, all of the backlinks it is composed of.  Now this is already a solid strategy, but you can take things one step further.  You can increase the chances and thoroughness of the crawling for your RSS feeds themselves as well.  Here’s what you do:


1)      Gather a list of your submitted RSS feeds


2)      Go to and create a new RSS feed that is entirely made up of URLs to your other RSS feeds


3)      Submit this RSS feed to the directories/aggregators


This creates a tiered RSS submission and a great level of indexation for your backlinks.


[Master RSS Feed] -> [RSS Feeds] -> [Backlinks] -> [Your Site]


Here’s a list of 10 popular RSS feed directories you can use to submit to:



RSS feeds don’t provide powerful backlinks, so they won’t get you the top rankings you’re looking for.  However, when you use them in the right way, they can be an excellent source of recurring traffic and means for indexing your other backlinks.


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