Profit Clicking Review – The BIG Problem

Profit Clicking Review – The BIG Problem

The migration from Just Been Paid to Profit Clicking has taken way longer than it should have been. I understand it’s probably a complicated process but it doesn’t solve anything yet. There’s simply way too many people (hundreds of thousands) trying to withdraw their money but they can’t. And when people can’t withdraw anything and the system doesn’t “work” even though the staff in working on the system why would they promote the business to others? Don’t know about you but I do find it unethical to promote something that may not work at all. At least the “big guns” of the business won’t promote so there is less and less people coming.

Profit Clicking Review – Should You Get In NOW?

At current state I cannot recommend Profit Clicking as a good business opportunity to jump into. The main problem for me is that no one can tell what’s going to happen with the business and it’s totally out of control. This is of course not completely the case because if everyone had loads of faith into the program it would probably succeed but it’s not the case currently. Everyone is only hoping to cash out. In a way I’m shooting myself in my foot but I suggest you work on something you have the total control over.


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  1. Maverick says:

    Well done

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