More on Wealth4all

More on Wealth4all

This is my review of the relaunched Wealth4All Team income program. The new Wealth4All program is still owned by Danny Cianciulli (the same owner of the original failed Wealth4All Team program).

Before I get into the new Wealth4All Team program here is a little history of the original Wealth4All Team income program. The original Wealth4All Team was launched in the fall of 2011 and was an investment opportunity that offered affiliates earnings every 10 days on $16 TAP’s that would cycle 6 to 12 times (depending on how many TAP’s the affiliate purchased or repurchased). The return on investment that this figures out to be is 193%-250% over 60 to 120 days. All without having to refer anybody. It had no resalable products, so all earnings were paid out to affiliates solely from new investment money coming in from its affiliates (classic Ponzi scheme). On September 12, 2012 the original Wealth4All program was finally closed. Wealth4All owner, Danny Cianciulli, then announced a new program called Primus Hub (you can see my review on Primus Hub dated 11/13/2012 on this blog site).

The only good thing is that Wealth4All did not just cut and run with everyone’s money. Instead he give proportionate withdrawals to all Wealth4All affiliates who had yet to withdraw any earnings. I myself was a Wealth4All affiliate (it was one of the programs I was testing for my team), so I invested $50 back in June. I did received my $50 back, but nothing of my earnings for the first 3 months that I was in Wealth4All.

Now Danny Cianciulli decided to relaunch the Wealth4All Team program on January 4th, 2013, only this time the pay plan will be modified so as to make the program more sustainable, at least more than the original Wealth4All pay plan was.

What Is The New Wealth4All Team program? One thing it is not, it is nothing like the old Wealth4All program. Also it has no connection to the Danny Cianciulli’s new Primus Hub program. The new Wealth4All is a membership type program, with memberships costing $14.95 per year. NOTE- they currently are running a special, as they are accepting new members for only $10 until January 31, 2013.

The program now pay 2.1% daily on what you deposit, with the option to compound 50% of your daily earnings. Members receive a maximum of 50% of their daily earnings for a 90 day period, after which they can either take out all their money, or decide to put back in some of their money, or just earn off the other 50% that was compounded for them, for another 90 day period.

For example, a member can deposit $500 and will earn $10.50 per day ($500 X 2.1%). They have the option to compound 50% of this amount and the other 50% can be withdrawn or accumulated (min. withdraw amount is $20, max. withdraw amount is $500 per week). In this example it works out to being able to earn a maximum of $250, in 90 days, on a $500 deposit. The program uses a i-Payout processor that you can fund with either STP, bank account, bank wire, Use My Services, or QIWI.

What I Like About the New Program…. First it is a “passive” program, meaning that no referrals are needed to earn. It allows you to withdraw all your original funds after just 90 days. You can start withdrawing your earnings just as soon as you reach $20. The owner (Danny Cianciulli) has shown that he can be trusted to do the “right” thing in case the program again fails, by his response to the previous failed Wealth4All Team program.

What I Dislike About the New Program….. Like the previous Wealth4All program I still see no resalable products, so all earnings were paid out to members are solely from new investment money coming in from its new members. The owner Danny Cianciulli has said that the new Wealth4All program will be funded from some other outside sources of income and investments, but give no examples.

My Option….. I have decided to give Wealth4All owner, Danny Cianciulli, the benefit of the doubt for now. I remember being upset when the original Wealth4All program failed, but was very pleased that I was able to get back my original money. Maybe he has found some source of outside income or something to help sustain the program, this time around, longer then the origninal program.

So I have re-invested $76 ten days ago ($10 for my annual membership and $66 earning daily commissions) and have earned $13.90 so far, with $6.95 withdraw-able (50% of $13.90). Time will tell if it lasts or not.


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